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June 27, 2009, 4:41 pm
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Orlando Florida—In preparation for the 2009 hurricane season, members of the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response of Tampa joined members of other faith-based disaster response organizations in a special two-day Points of Distribution (POD) training session conducted by the Florida National Guard in Orlando.

A retired National Guard major instructed the volunteers in the various aspects of setting up and running a central location to care for the needs of those affected by a disaster, from how to establish a POD, to how to organize the distribution of the supplies and direct and control the traffic into and out of the unit.

Points of Distribution or PODs are locations selected where the public can pick up emergency supplies following a disaster. The need for a POD is based on lack of infrastructure to support normal distribution of food, water, or other supplies after a disaster.

According FEMA, the success of a POD is directly proportional to the planning done beforehand. “With a developed strategy and coordinated effort,” FEMA training materials state, “your community will get those lifesaving commodities they need quickly and efficiently.”

Under the calm and orderly conditions of a training session, the volunteers drilled carrying out the various functions they will need to perform at the POD when disaster strikes.

In addition to the training they receive at sessions like this one, members of the Churches of Scientology Disaster Response also train as Scientology Volunteer Ministers, where they learn techniques developed by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, that enable them to help people with their emotional and spiritual needs during times of crisis.  These courses are available through local Scientology churches such as the Church of Scientology of Tampa which sponsors this particular team. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers program also offers free online courses and disaster response seminars.  For more information, visit their web site at

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