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Japanese Scientology Members Combating Drug Abuse and Addiction in Tokyo by Doc

Scientology church seeks to maximize the most important resource we have – our children.

The Church of Scientology of Tokyo participated in the “Eco Life Fair 2009″ – an annual expo produced by the Environment Ministry with the theme “earth environment.”

Scientology was among more than 50 participant organizations, which included NPOs (non-political organizations), NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and businesses, which share the ministry’s purpose to care for our natural resources and take responsibility for the future.

With the belief that our most important resources are our youth, the Church of Scientology of Tokyo manned a booth at the fair to let young people know the truth about drugs. Using a series of award-winning 30 to 60 second videos that created immediate impact on those visiting their booth, awakening them to some of the most controversial aspects of drug abuse.

One local assembly member who visited the booth told the Scientologists, “This is a great activity. I agree with what you are doing. This is needed in Japan. I hope you succeed.”

A young teacher, only recently graduated from school himself, told the volunteers, “It is really necessary to improve people’s awareness about drugs through education.” He was so impressed with the quality of the drug education materials, he left telling the Scientologists he was going to see the principal of his school to get him to adopt the campaign.

A teacher who works at a girls’ school confided to the Scientologists that drugs are in very wide use among the children at his school. He asked the volunteers to come lecture his students on the dangers of drugs.

Scientology churches around the world have been involved in drug education and prevention activities for more than two decades. The videos and drug education pamphlets they use are distributed by The Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a secular, nonprofit organization that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions to be drug-free.

The Foundation was established in October 2006 to meet the growing demand for the Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life drug education materials, which were developed and refined through the drug prevention activities conducted by members of Scientology churches in collaboration with the interfaith community, volunteer organizations, education institutions and government agencies.


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