Scientology moving on

Student indicted for harming Scientology website by Doc

ON WEDNESDAY, October 28, a federal grand jury in Los Angeles, indicted Brian Thomas Mettenbrink, a member of the cyber group Anonymous, for his part in the January 2008 attempted destruction of Scientology websites, owned by the Church of Scientology.

Mettenbrink, 20, has been charged with the conspiracy and the “transmission of a code, information, program or command to a protected computer. ” The indictment states that he obtained a computer program from an Anonymous website and executed a “DDOS” attack from his dormitory, at the Iowa state university, against church computers in Los Angeles. A DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack occurs where a large amount of malicious Internet traffic is directed at a website or a set of websites, with the intent to overwhelm and shut down the websites.

Brain is the second member of Anonymous to face criminal charges relating to this attack. In May 2009, Dmitriy Guzner, then 18, pleaded guilty to computer hacking charges for his role in the attack on church computers. He is currently awaiting sentencing.


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Now he’s not just indicted – he’s convicted. (I’d be nice if that rhymed 🙂

Comment by TGR

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