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Mike Rinder: A Liar then or a Liar now? by Doc

“Rinderama” Exposed

Was Mike Rinder lying then, or is he lying now—regarding the anti-Scientology drivel he now funnels to the tabloid media?

You be the judge after reading the following verbatim quotes from Rinder when he served the Church as spokesperson.

… Look, there is a string of these people…that goes back 25 years. Most of them you will never see again. They have their moment of glory where they make their wild allegations. They get coverage in the media. And then, they disappear. Their claims are proven to be untrue, and they’re gone.”

Mike Rinder to BBC Panorama in 2007


People make up outrageous, outlandish allegations. There is a reason that they make them up. The reason is because they attract attention of people like you [tabloid media]. Because they’re sensational. Because they sound very sexy. They sound very interesting.”


The sheer volume of despicable allegations made about [the leader of the religion] are intended to create a false impression that where there is smoke there is fire. These ‘witnesses’ know only too well from their experience in the Church that the tactic of telling bigger and bolder lies has been a strategy employed against the Church in litigation for years. Tell enough lies, and make enough allegations, and an impression will be created which accomplishes the end of destroying a reputation no matter how untrue the allegations are. Public figures are especially susceptible to this fraud as any study of history shows. Jesus Christ was crucified based on the false accusations of Judas Iscariot and the prejudice of the Romans.”


There isn’t a person in the world who disagrees with our [Scientologists’] stance on human rights, our stance on education, our stance on drugs except the drug dealers, our stance on and the positions that we take with respect to things and the work we do in the world.”


We end up getting crapped on by the media because those things aren’t controversial, so the 99 percent of what we do, nobody talks about because it’s not controversial, the 1 percent, that gets talked about.”


In a 2007 letter to the BBC, Rinder again set the record straight:

[W]e repeatedly requested the name of any source alleging ‘bullying’ and ‘beating.’ The only individual you name is (B.H.). You must find it at least a little strange that [he] has appeared in various media in the United States, France and the UK over the last two years and has never made this allegation before. In each case he has told stories that the media at the time wanted to hear. You are just the latest, and obviously this is what you wanted to hear from him, so he manufactured a tale.”

And finally, when Rinder was interviewed on ABC 20/20 he was asked to explain why the statements of hostile Scientologists all sounded so similar. His response explains precisely his own statements and those of the “Posse” today:

They sat in a room, they figured out what they were going to say, they wrote their bits, they passed them around, they made sure they were consistent.”


Mike Rinder: Why bother attacking a guy when you can slap women around? by Doc

“Mike then came directly over to me, grabbed me by both arms and shoved me which nearly knocked me down.

The above is exceedingly telling. Because it doesn’t come from Rinder’s wife, Cathy, whom he recently abused in exactly the above-stated manner. (See Mike Rinder: A Walking “Hate Crime.”) No, it came years earlier, from Amy Scobee—then a Church staffer, now part of the apostate “posse” Rinder rides with. She is also one of Anderson Cooper’s hand-picked sources—one of those who corroborate each other’s stories. Then again, it’s even more telling in light of the fact that brutally grabbing women by the arms (which Rinder had done to his wife and then lied about to the police and press) is a standard Rinder M.O.

When Mike Rinder’s physical attacks became public knowledge, a veil was lifted on a well-hidden history of violence directed at women.

While Scobee appeared on AC360 to “corroborate” tales of Rinder being the target of abuse, she neglected—willfully—to tell Cooper that she, herself, had been attacked by none other than Rinder. While if only to compound lie upon lie, Cooper was provided with all pertinent details, but he too neglected—willfully—to ask about it.

Nonetheless, following stories in the S.P. Times, when Mike Rinder’s physical attacks became public knowledge, a veil was lifted on a well-hidden history of violence directed at women. Consequently, those who had suffered his abuse in the past suddenly came forward to tell their stories. Here are but a few.

“I knew he was going to hit me, so I put my hands over my face. He grabbed me by the shoulders in a very strong, tight and painful grip (squeezing my shoulders very hard) and began shaking me violently, toward him and away from him, back and forth rapidly… He kept on shoving me back and forth and then, on a back shove, threw me against the wall hard enough that it hurt my rib cage, knocked the breath out of me and I bounced off the wall.”

Some years later, and well away from witnesses, another incident occurred:

He placed both his hands on an 8-by-11-inch wooden clipboard he was carrying, did a half turn, swung and hit me on the side of my face with the clipboard, using the full force of his body… I developed a severe toothache. The pain became quite excruciating. The dentist…found that it had been cracked and had to be removed.”

Then there was the case of a woman who inexplicably left the Sea Org some years ago, much to the dismay and surprise of those with whom she worked. Today, her reason is abundantly clear, as the following was submitted to the Church after she had read of Rinder’s other transgressions:

“I needed financial approval to purchase something, but I was worried as I had been told in the past that Mike Rinder would not approve this type of purchase. I mentioned my concern to a colleague as to whether or not Rinder would approve the request, but I was advised to make the request and turn it into Rinder anyway, which I did…

He came out into the hallway, walked right up to me and physically slammed me against the wall. He used his right forearm up against my chest and moved toward my throat in a choking position, my head was pinned against the wall and I was desperately trying to get him to move his arm down by pulling down on his forearm with my two hands… Rinder never apologized for that incident, for slamming me against the wall, for upsetting me or anything. That was the beginning of my thinking about leaving…”

Rubbing salt into the wound, when asked by a tabloid reporter from the S.P. Times to comment on the aforementioned abuse, the newspaper nonchalantly published his non-denial which consisted of Rinder simply stating he didn’t “recall” the incident.

What would one expect from Rinder? It takes a man to admit when he’s done something wrong.

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Scientology: Religious groups demand an end of online violence and hate crimes by Doc
November 6, 2009, 11:43 pm
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Training seminars to fight hate crime

With high-ranking FBI officials reporting violent crime against churches on the rise, representatives of the Church of Scientology of Inglewood and the St. Mark United Methodist Church in South Los Angeles co-sponsored the Second Annual Hate Crimes Conference and a workshop to educate leaders of faith-based and community-based groups how to fight anti-religious hate crimes.


Held at St. Mark United Methodist Church in South LA, Hate Crime Conference speakers included human rights attorney Barry Fisher; Rev. Chip Murray, former Senior Pastor of First African Methodist Episcopal Church and now serving as professor of Christian Ethics at University of Southern California; Ms. Tereser Banks, Victorville Federal Prison Warden; Captain Bob Green, commander of LAPD 77th precinct; Mr. Shakeel Syed, head of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California; and Bob Adams of the Church of Scientology International.

From the issues covered in the conference, community- and faith-based groups attending requested further training in programs introduced by the Church of Scientology, resulting in the follow-up workshop.

Pam Roberts, Director of Public Affairs for the Church of Scientology of Inglewood, introduced Joni Ginsberg, Executive Director of The Way to Happiness Foundation International, who conducted a workshop on the newly published educator’s guide to The Way to Happiness, a non-religious moral code based entirely on common sense.  Written by L. Ron Hubbard, the booklet fills the moral vacuum and addresses urgent issues that contribute to increasing violence in today’s society.

Ms. Ginsberg’s presentation covered the precept “Set a good example.”  Those attending will now in turn implement the program in their groups, churches and communities.  Rev. Willie Rollins of Community Missionary Baptist Church in Compton said the information covered in the Hate Crimes Conference and The Way to Happiness workshop will help “build and improve relationships that will bridge the gap between religions and races.”

This year’s Hate Crimes conference grew out of a program initiated in May 2008, held at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles, at which law enforcement and government officials, clergy and educators examined the growing problem of Internet hate crime and ways to improve Internet safety and security.

For more information on Scientology programs that counter violence and intolerance, visit the Scientology web site at