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Scientology Attacks the BBC – Covering up Incompetence by Doc

“Reporter” John Sweeney, pilloried on YouTube as the “exploding tomato,” proves once again that you can lead him to the truth, but you can’t make him think. Watch the investigative video report.

Watch BBC Panorama: Desperate Lies!


Scientology’s got a new site – worth watching by Doc

Better than the dry text sites, the Scientology “Video Channel”.

Scientology Video Channel

Whats up with the BBC? by Footloose
August 18, 2007, 2:29 am
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Scientology expands, responsible sections of the BBC have still not decided to get straight and honest. No wonder they catch one scandal after the other.

Fresh information is on the way…

Scientology, the UK and Juliettte Lewis by Footloose
June 7, 2007, 3:47 am
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Since the BBC did its major promotion for Scientology – rather unintentional though – there is a continuous stream of media and discussions about Scientology. Today I found Juliette Lewis talking about her Scientology beliefs in “The Independent”:

I believe: Scientology helped me face my worst fears. Ever since I became famous I used to get panic attacks, especially when I was in big crowds. I found a saying: “be there and confronting”. L Ron Hubbard wrote many things I have found helpful.”

“Confronting” – seeing what is there without flinching – is different to “confrontation” which his what happened to John “Scientology & Me” Sweeney. Which reminds me: the Scientology documentary seems to have moved now here.

More indications… by Footloose
June 1, 2007, 4:40 pm
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Sorry for not posting since a couple of days but I ran across quite some stuff on the BBC/MI-6 connection. I mean, one of the most hillarious propagandist in the anti-cult field has been an MI-6 guy and is now feeding (or being fed by?) the BBC . So – price question – is MI-6 using the BBC or the other way around. Looks like they have a happy symbiosis ongoing there. I’ll keep you updated.  If you have more information yourself, drop me a note. I’ll answer securely.

BBC a British Spy Organization? by Footloose

I just ran across the claim that the BBC is an arm of the British foreign intelligence, MI6. That is something like the CIA but more James Bondish, I guess. John Sweeney, with “a license to yell”…! What a great “cover” for his “researches” in Africa. Clever, clever, but seriously, there had been rumors that BBC reported 9/11 even before it happened, seemingly out of a confusion on time differences between the US and UK. What a scary thought, that my YouTube clips have been attacked by MI6!